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A Picture - More Than Just A Thousand Words

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Smile for the camera.

Cameras are everywhere - an extension of the world we live in where there is an unwavering personal drive and commitment to capture every moment for prosperity and beyond. A bit dramatic? Well, that's what it seems like to me! And this capture crazy camera mode extends well beyond the individual to the business realm. So, the question becomes can this 'unwavering capture crazy' mode help businesses learn more about their business? The simple answer is YES! So, let's assume your business has cameras installed, what next? A picture or a moving image is a form of data and we know that data, if it's treated with purpose, can become invaluable information and ultimately a company asset that management can use to make better decisions! So, then back to basics: What key strategic or operational questions could be answered from the video footage? Don't be constrained by the original reason you had the cameras installed - albeit very important there is so much more, for example, than security – so think outside the box. You now have an invaluable resource that you can mine (with purpose) for priceless insights that can help influence consumer and management related decisions. I recently had the opportunity of observing more than 500 hours of video footage for an organisation that captured the behaviours and interactions of multiple stakeholders in their workplace. We created a method of methodically summarising and analysing the visual data around key issues for the business. We helped them use what was originally intended as security footage to create new insights that added value to their business and helped shape their strategic plans. Of course, using such data comes with a number of caveats - some are legal and some are simply common sense. For a checklist of the do's and don'ts around installing video surveillance in your workplace see an article by the Australian Government's Business.gov.au at https://www.business.gov.au/news/2016/06/10/want-to-install-video-surveillance-in-your-business. Then answer the simple question: Are you leveraging additional value for your business from the video footage you’re already collecting? #research #videodata #data

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