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Beware the 'Marketing Doom Loop'!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Schools that don’t invest in strategic marketing, risk being sucked into the 'marketing doom loop'!

I was recently reminded of an article written a few years ago. The author talked about the 'marketing doom loop' and the value of marketing for schools (see: https://lnkd.in/gfEDhwt).

The 'marketing doom loop' is a real risk for schools. However, when I talk about marketing for schools, I like to emphasise the importance of strategic marketing. Marketing that looks beyond promotion and positioning and is inextricably linked to a school's overall business plan.

An informed strategic marketing plan that takes into account the views of a school’s key stakeholders can be a powerful resource, that:

- Encourages depth of marketing related thinking.

- Encourages marketing thinking as it relates to the broader company strategy.

- Acts as a cross check for day-to-day marketing related decisions (a template for marketing decision-making).

And ultimately helps to create a shared vision and direction for a school.

Just remember, that it is a live document – it should not be prepared and then put away till the following year, but rather it should have prime position in your office. It should be re-visited at least every few months and be updated as required.

Don’t think of preparing a strategic marketing document as extra work, but as a valuable asset in your defence against the 'marketing doom loop'!

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