• Dr Marisa

Going Back to Basics - Take the Time to Reflect on Your Business!

When was the last time you took time to truly reflect on your organisation - to delve deep and revisit the following areas of your business?

1. Your offering – to ensure your value proposition and marketing remains relevant.

2. Your customers – to understand current factors that could maximise uptake of your offering.

3. Your staff – to increase or maintain high levels of staff engagement.

4. The market - to confirm or refine your point of differentiation.

Every business needs to take time reflect on their activities, to help ensure that they stay relevant and competitive. If you haven’t evaluated your business for a while – there is no time like the present. Below is a simplified “Back to Basics” framework with a few key questions by the four key areas: offering, customers, staff and market, which should guide and prioritise your data and information collection process as you start your reflection journey.

And if you need some help - Complete the Picture Consulting offers a range of services to help businesses stay competitive.

Introducing the 'Back to Basics' Framework

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