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It’s Time to Make it ‘Personal’ - Custom Measures For Schools

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

A Note: Complete the Picture Consulting has recently introduced Custom Report Cards (CRC™) for Schools to help school leaders leverage the benefit of custom measures.

How is your school performing in the eyes of your parents in those areas that matter most to them – the reasons why they chose (and continue to choose) your school for their children?

Many schools now collect nationally comparable data that allows school management, current and potential parents, and education bodies to monitor and compare a school’s performance with the performance of other schools.

Are these types of measures important? The answer is a simple yes, they certainly have a role to play for both school leadership, parents, Government and other key stakeholders BUT…

School leaders also need to develop custom measures that take into account the individual nature of the school in terms of its culture and offerings. This is especially critical in an increasingly changing landscape that is marked by substantial increases in Australia’s population, which is creating unique challenges for many schools. Even more so in the current COVID-19 crisis which for non government schools has the risk of disrupting cash flows and adding to the pressures on schools.

The impact of the national population growth for schools can mean not only a change in numbers in a school’s catchment, but changes in the socio-demographic and cultural profile of their catchment, including changing beliefs and customs, lifestyle and languages. This can shape a school’s future families and impact on its core offerings and own culture. Equally as important it can help school leaders understand how school communities will respond to a crisis like the COVID-19. And the impact is different for each school.

School’s must reflect on the ‘uniqueness’ and value of their school and develop measures that can be objectively tracked to provide meaningful insights and learnings that can help influence a school’s strategic, operational and marketing related decision-making. The development and tracking of parent perceptions of a school’s points of differentiation is essential for all schools – for those who want to grow, for those who are fighting to survive, for those who want to maintain the status quo – and for all schools trying to plan for and manage the short and long-term economic and social implications of the COVID-19 on their school communities.

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