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Mushroom Management - A Dangerous By-Product of COVID?

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Over coffee, some friends were sharing with me their frustrating experiences at work. A similar thread emerged – they had no idea what was happening at the bigger picture. They were being asked to do work, without knowing why and how it fitted in to the department's plans. These friends were in fairly senior roles and used to being part of the decision-making – or

at least understanding how their work contributed to company direction. I started asking around and for many this was a recent occurrence.

Sound familiar?

COVID has meant more people are now ‘working from home’ but working from home shouldn't mean working alone. Or in keeping with the mushroom analogy – working in the dark, being fed dung and potentially being canned once they’ve sufficiently grown.

Communication is critical in today's work environment!

So ask yourself: Are you being mushroom managed or are you a mushroom manager?

If you've answered yes to either of these questions, it's time to start an honest conversation with your team or your manager on how the exchange of information and communication channels might be improved. After all, we should be used to change - let's just make sure we are changing for the better!

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