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The 3C's of a 'Good' Online Survey

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In this post I share some tips for collecting feedback about moving your business online. I am starting to receive lots of surveys from businesses, including my child's school, asking me about my experiences with their 'new' online services and platforms. The quality of these surveys varies. So, I thought I'd share an article I wrote a while back that provides some tips on things to keep in mind when preparing a survey. Regardless of the pressure to innovate and respond rapidly in the current COVID-19 crisis, good decisions still come from good information.

The increasing availability of affordable online survey tools means more companies are designing their own surveys. Unfortunately, however, the tool does not make a good survey – people do! Designing a survey warrants the same level of thinking and understanding as any research project.

So, how do you design a “good” survey?

Follow the three Cs. A good survey should be:

  • Clear

  • Customised

  • Concise.

The following cheat sheet includes some key questions and considerations based on these fundamental design themes - the 3Cs - that someone creating an online survey should take into account. It is not intended to be exhaustive. It does not focus on the cross platform challenges of online surveys or the analysis and presentation of results, which are a discussion for another time. Hopefully, however, it encourages and reminds companies of the type of research thinking that needs to be applied to the design phase of an online survey to help ensure good data, which means good information and ultimately good decision-making that will help shape a business!

And of course if you need any assistance, CTPC is here to help.

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