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The 3Cs of Business Planning

Updated: Apr 14

A Friendly Reminder

Does your business plan by the financial year or calendar year?

Depending on your answer - January is either the month to prepare a business plan or refresh/review your existing one.

Regardless, I have found that the 3Cs of business planning are a good guide to helping ensure that writing the annual business plan does not become a tedious, year-long task that never quite gets finished and takes up way too much of your time!

Remember, a business plan for an organisation should focus on:

- Consolidating information about your business and the market it operates in

- Clarifying the annual business objective/s

- Developing a strategy to meet the objectives

- Identifying key implementation considerations and actions.

So, what are the 3C’s of Business Planning?

When developing/updating your plan, remember to be:

1. Concise

Get to the point – more is not always better. The audience does not need to know or see all the work you have done behind the scenes – only include the information that is essential to demonstrate the story that you are telling.

2. Clear

Keep in mind who will be reading the business plan – keep the language and terminology consistent with the audience. And remember to use diagrams were possible to communicate key information.

3. Challenging

Business plans should be more about “realistically reaching” rather than just being “safe”. This means that there should be at least one stretch goal or objective that the company would like to achieve, and this needs to also be reflected in the strategy and implementation sections of the plan.

Need Help?

We offer a range of options to help organisations develop their business plans – contact us to find out more.

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