• Dr Marisa

What Has Changed in Your School's Catchment Since the Last Census?

The first results from the 2021 Census have been released and there’s little doubt that the face of Australia continues to change - both culturally and socially!

But What's Happening in Your School's Catchment?

Understanding changes at the national or even State/Territory level are important for broad policy purposes, however, to have an impact on a school's strategic and marketing decisions, these changes need to be reviewed at the catchment level.

More Important Now Than Ever!

The changing face of Australia is compounded by a continuing shift to a more consumer/service based model of education (discerning parents), and increasing inflation and financial hardship.

This means that now more than ever schools must invest in knowing their community – and that means knowing their catchment, what it looks like in terms of socio-demographics and financial profiling and how it’s changed, and likely to change. And of course, what this means for their School's strategic and marketing decision-making.

Need Help?

We are offering a Census Data Analysis Service for Schools - to help schools understand changes in their catchment! For more information, contact us today.

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