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Marisa Maio Mackay

+61 430 933 307

Evaluate new initiatives

Engage staff & other  key stakeholders

Analyse the 

competitive landscape

Evaluate existing products & services

Monitor changes in the industry

Make the most of data

Define new concepts & products

Understand the impact of new technologies

Develop marketing & strategic plans

...by drawing on a unique mix of skills, expertise and experience!

In designing custom solutions for our clients we may include one or more of the following types of techniques and tools.

  • Surveys

  • Interviews

  • Workshops

  • Live product trials

  • Desktop & secondary research & analysis

  • Focus & discussion groups

  • Lead think groups

  • Socio-demographic profiling

  • Analysis & modelling of data

  • Measurement design, use & benchmarking

  • Copy writing for tailored communications


At Complete the Picture Consulting we also understand the importance of external stakeholders in some commercial decisions. In such cases we are committed to working with both the client and the stakeholders to ensure the success of the project.


We can manage and coordinate all aspects of a project, allowing you to continue to focus on your day-to-day business. We pride ourselves in communicating the project results and the implications for your business to you and your stakeholders in an understandable and accessible manner. 

Coaching and Workshops

The directors also have extensive experience providing organisations with relevant industry skills and knowledge, in both individual coaching and workshop settings.