A group of diverse people

Since 2009, Complete the Picture Consulting has been helping organisations grow and develop by providing meaningful insights and recommendations from custom designed business and marketing research, analysis and strategy development.


The directors at Complete the Picture Consulting have more than 60 years of combined expertise and experience. The result is a complementary and diverse set of skills, and a creative solution focused mindset that shapes the tailored services we provide to our clients.

Our Clients

Since establishing Complete the Picture Consulting, we have built up a client list that includes, technology companies, government bodies, health and aged care service providers, manufacturers, media and digital organisations, business support agencies and education providers.

Our Focus

Complete the Picture Consulting actively seeks out and welcomes the opportunity to work together with organisations across a range of industries, to help them to successfully operate in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Did You Know?

We can help you with your innovative thinking and improving your innovative process.